Changeling: The Dreaming

Image by Anthony Tran

Imagine a broken world where everything feels muted and dull. Your skin itches while you work a passionless job just to survive, knowing that somewhere in the secret places of the universe, there’s magic and Glamour. Even if you manage to keep yourself together, there might be monsters, dragons, and chimerical beasts to battle.
You are a dream pressed into flesh, a changeling struggling to survive the Endless Winter. The days of free-flowing Glamour are gone, but still you can touch the Dreaming. There is magic still yet in the world.
Do you seek to inspire Dreamers? Do you uphold your ancient code of duty and honor? Do you embrace your freedom? Do you seek to rage, reminding humanity why it once dreamed of monsters?
Or do you surrender to a leader who promises comfort and a return to former glory? All he asks is loyalty… and some of your Glamour.
In an age of despair, the ultimate act of rebellion is hope.